Connect Ireland, in conjunction with the NCDA Ltd., are hosting a second presentation of their
video and get to know you day, under the heading "Do You Know a Growing Company".

Connect Ireland want chauffeur operators/drivers to introduce people to them who may be
considering setting up new businesses, or expanding their current businesses, not only
in Ireland, but anywhere in Europe. Connect Ireland just need an introduction (name and
contact details), and they will do the rest in trying to entice these people to set up in
Ireland. If they are successful, and one job is created the introducer gets 1500.00 euro.
They also get 1500.00 euro for every additional job (10 jobs = 15,000.00 euro).

This presentation will take place in Shannon Airport this Friday, February 28th (12.30 to
13.30). Further details are available from Gerry Foley, Secretary, NCDA Ltd. (087-2548361)



09/06/2016 00:03

Connecting the Ireland is a amazing thing I know about the Ireland because once I visited this place and it was really amazing. Thanks for sharing the old memories because it really gives me my old memories. I hope that the people will feel great after listening the Ireland stories.

03/12/2016 03:19

I've missed this presentation, unfortunately. Can you tell me more about this event, please?

19/12/2016 02:47

30/01/2017 07:55

I have a strong connection due to my relatives living here.

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