12 Gerry,
We are in the process on transferring the vehicle licensing inspections contract from SGS to Applus.  The SGS contract finished on Monday (31st March) of this week and the Applus inspection regime commenced yesterday (1st April).
As with any transition there are many issues to be dealt.  One of those is that has been a major spike in calls to our call centre and a major increase in the duration of calls.  While the call centre had planned and resourced for such an increase, the sheer volume was much higher than expected.  

The call centre has taken a number of actions to address these issues including moving some additional people from other services over to the industry and booking line. In addition, we have agreed with the call centre service provider that they will take on a number of  additional temporary staff and they are taking those additional staff on hire immediately and providing the necessary training.  Some of these will be on board before the weekend, the remainder at the start of next week.
I expect to see improvements in the call service by the start of next week and if people can bear with us until then, I would expect a significant improvement at that point.



Why they are delaying the bookings of the apples? They should have to inform us in advance if they’re having such kinds of the problems. Now we will be waiting that for longer time. Hope we can control our emotions.

I would have my license in a few days. I wish you luck with yours.

09/03/2017 02:50

I hope that this mishap in the call center would be solve soon. We all know how important the role of call center in this field. If there's a need to hire more people to accommodate all calls, then I believe they should do it right now for them not to lose more customers. I will be expecting an improvement too. There might be problems right now, but I'm pretty sure the company's eager enough to fix this as soon as they can.

So, have they bring that impovements you expected? Or you're still waiting for them?

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