16/06/2016 05:32

I like this post that is full of the interesting words. Hope you will freely like these kinds of the posts that are really creating the big fun among our lives. You can also share your comments about them. Please share some more.

08/03/2017 21:57

I am glad that they are trying to improve this area. It is evident that the property managers here are doing their job. They take care of all the aspects. They make sure everything is covered. This is a clear example of value for money. I am just not sure how long the construction works are going to last. Is it done by now?

It is nice to know in a case of emergency. Thanks!

09/02/2017 23:32

Thank you for posting the image and structure of Terminal 1! It's good that the management had finally heard our desires to have Terminal 1 revamped. It's been years and I'm just that we were finally heard. I'm sure, many are happy with this. Also I love the new look of Terminal 1!

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