National Chauffeur Drivers Association Limited

“Calling all members: A General Election is coming”

Members, a general election is coming. Now is the time to get behind a push to have the new

elected representatives of the country change the legislation for the admission of vehicles to use

Bus Lanes. For over 20 years Limousines (Small Public Service Vehicles) have not been allowed

to use Bus Lanes, but Taxis (Small Public Service Vehicles) have. It is now time to end this discrimination.

All members are asked to make a point of raising this matter with any canvasser, politician, or prospective

candidate, they meet over the next month! It is now only a political decision that will enforce this change.

Many approaches have been made successfully to enlist the backing of interested parties on this subject.

Only the Department of Transport have consistently rejected the admission of Limousines to Bus Lanes. We

have had the support of all Tourism Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Employers (local and

Multinational) and other numerous Federations. We have received understanding from The GardaĆ­ and the

Courts service.

However, Transport for Ireland (formerly the NTA, our licencing authority) will not support us because the

Department instructs them so. The traffic policies of the country (not just Dublin) are heavily influenced

by C.I.E. (and it’s various arms, Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, DART, LUAS, or Irish Rail). They believe that only

their vehicles should have access to certain parts of the public road. They object strenuously to other

vehicles being allowed in Bus Lanes.

The time has come to MAKE A STAND. In Dublin over the next 10 – 15 years Limousines may be barred from

entering many areas of the city centre. O’ Connell Street, Batchelor’s Walk, Westmoreland Street, D’Olier

Street, College Green, Dame Street, Suffolk Street, Georges Quay, etc. This could be replicated in other

cities throughout the country.

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